Imp of the Roses by nobody you know was launched in January, 2014. It’s the first collaborative effort between shoe designer Rosa Aiuto of rose’s roses and Los Angeles based clothing and sportswear designer Giovanni Contrada of Imp of the Perverse. We even collaborated on the name of the collection by mashing up our brand names. When the opportunity arose to work together we both jumped on the chance to create a collection of jackets and coats that reflected each of our sensibilities in design and sense of humor. We have a natural and easy way of communicating what we are thinking and are able to put it into it’s proper context, whether it’s shapes, colors or details. For our inaugural collection we presented only two models, a coat and a jacket in both men’s and ladies. We wanted to present a highly focused collection of just four fabrics, three of which are ready to dye cottons, ranging in two mole skins and a corduroy. This opened up the possibility to work with colors that inspired us from our recent visit to Marrakech this year. Heliotrope, Bougainvillea, Majorelle and Mint became our touchstone. These colors were our launching off point and from there we simply filled in the rest by adding our solid pewter buttons of spiders, sea horses, fleur di lys, serpents, skulls and hemp leaf. Hand painting the logo on the interior lining of the jacket, writing by hand the model name on each garment produced along with a description of details seen and hidden. Each piece is designated a size Sexy, Molto Sexy and Molto Fucking Sexy. Lastly all garments are signed by each of us and any other artist who happens across our studio during the period we like to call, post production because, that is when the magic happens. Each piece is truly a one of a kind wearable item, conceived in in Los Angels and Made in Italy with Lust.

Imp of the Roses collection can be found at the following locations:


BLAKE – Chicago, IL


JULIANNE – Port Washington, NY

TENDER – Birmingham, MI

SHARI’S PLACE – Greenvale, NY

                                          AVANT GARDE – Beverly Hills, CA